Why I Love to Code


I’m a passionate person, pouring my heart and soul into everything I do, including my profession as a software developer. I don’t just sit around and write IF statements and loops all day (like we did in college), or SELECT statements, or lame SVN commit messages (although sometimes those slip out when I’m not looking). I’m not in this for the money, prestige, or political power.

For me, it’s about the thrill of the chase.

I’m a lover of mysteries with a penchant for puzzles and an addiction to problem solving. The fires of this passion were first stoked when, at the age of twelve, I discovered the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and ravenously devoured the entire series of whodunits in record time. Like a hound fresh on the trail of his quarry, I followed the clues with an electric anticipation, attempting to deduce the solution to the puzzle, the…

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